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World renowned high performance and trading psychology coach
What if I told you that I spent nearly three years in search of an expert trading psychology and performance coach that I thought could help take my trading to the next level? You know, someone like Wendy from the hit series "Billions!"

I interviewed some of the top experts in the world and reviewed their approaches to the challenges that all traders seemingly have when it comes to consistently and confidently executing their trade plans. As a certified mental performance coach I knew what I was looking for and realized it as soon as I discovered and met Créde. 

You know, sort of like when you're shopping for your next car or house hunting and know as soon as you get behind the wheel or walk through the front door for the first time... You just get that sense and you know what's right for you!

Now, you might think why does a certified mental performance coach need a trading psychology coach? Well for starters, I'm not a psychologist. And when it dawned on me that my doctor has a doctor, my lawyer has a lawyer, my CPA has a CPA that it made sense for me to have a trading performance coach.

Créde is a world renowned High Performance & Trading Psychology Coach and during the past two decades she has helped countless traders like me overcome their self-sabotaging behaviors and achieve pro-level consistency in their trading. And what if I told you that she doesn't trade and doesn't carry any bias or preference to any particular trading system or style? That what the icing on the cake for me!

When I first met Créde, I was struggling with my trading consistency but didn't know why. That's when Créde opened my eyes and literally my mindset to the power of the subconscious and how it can get in the way of or worse, sabotage our trading success. Plus, she reinforced what I already knew to be true and that is traders must focus on their process way more than the outcomes! Meaning, without a systematic and sound performance process that is diligently followed and measured then you won't be able to generate the trading profits you really desire...

So, I strongly recommend her trading psychology system and I'm excited to share it with you!

When you sign up for her free webinar, you'll get instant access to Créde's invaluable insights on trading psychology. 

I'm here for you so you can leverage my 20+ years of trading experience, and I'll be available to answer any questions you may have and provide further guidance on your trading journey.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Créde and transform your trading mindset and ultimately your bottom line! 

Sign up now for the FREE masterclass and take the first step towards reaching pro-level consistency in your trading.

Tom Winterstein, MBA
ChartPros Founder

When you sign up for this masterclass you'll learn:
 The #1 lie in trading psychology that's holding you back from discipline and consistency 
Learn why willpower will never cut it and a step-by-step method for decoding and resolving the root cause of destructive habits like over-trading, ignoring stops and loss limits and jumping out of trades too soon. 
 Why relying on the P&L alone is a huge pitfall for traders –  and 3 steps to take instead
We’ll cover why focusing on the P&L at the wrong time can derail your trading and 3 practical strategies you can implement straight away to break up with the P&L and stay laser-focused on executing your trading plan instead.
 How to STOP fears from breaking your trading rules, even if you've done it 1000X before
Get the inside track on how the world’s most profitable traders are able to embrace losses and mistakes while still winning big. Learn how to ditch your fears so you can bank more dollars.




Highly Recommended Trading Psychology
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Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading™ - The Trading Psychology Course to end destructive habits and reach Pro-level consistency in as little as 8 weeks.

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